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Robert Rumble has an associate degree from Columbia Basin College and did his bachelor’s studies in management, marketing, and computer science at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. (it’s my understanding that you only capitalize associate or bachelor’s when also listing what the degree is in. Saying, studies, sounds like you didn’t graduate. If you graduated, I’d say: …and obtained Bachelor’s degrees in management, marketing, and computer science at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.)He is a best-selling author (Finding Life’s Passion), international speaker, multinational entrepreneur, published photographer (Impressions of Yesterday).

An avid fantasy role-playing gamer (RPG) with over three decades of playing RPG with small groups all over the States and he participated in several tournaments. Often he designed and moderated the game, which is known as the master. Frequently he substituted magic for technology while experimenting with mixing game platforms and eventually designed his own game. Robert had his own hiking guide business in Alaska before moving to China where he started the American English Education Center in Tianjin. To help the students study at home, he designed and coded an English educational website for the school. Robert has put that creativity and passion into his fantasy novel “Thesila Prophecy… The Discovery.”

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  1. Here is the paragraph,”Each moon orbits at a different speed, and this part of the world uses the red moon to determine time. From what he could find out, it takes the red moon about thirty-five days to make one cycle, and it takes about ten and a half cycles for a year. Mai and Abigail just shake their heads in confusion until he explains that one month is thirty-five days long while the year is about ten months long” I hope this helps.

  2. Dear Robert I thought that Berg stated that the planet had 10.5 35 day months.which is 367.5 days. Just thought I would ask if that or the time bio is correct

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